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“I feel a huge surge of relief – the map she created for me is amazing”

Carolyn is a gifted visual and intuitive coach, a true facilitator with her clients. She’s fun to work with, very creative, and knows how to help you activate your ideas. What surprised me was its simplicity, and the biggest surprise is how it has hit me viscerally, energetically, and emotionally. I feel like Carolyn “gets me”. I feel like my map “gets me”. I feel a huge surge of relief – the map she created for me is amazing. This Map will be a constant guide and reminder for me to stay on path in my business, to remember how the new and the already created pieces are already playing together, and to not just take action but to do things MY authentic way. I highly recommend Carolyn as a coach.
Brenda MacIntyre
Medicine Song Woman

“Spectacular! If you don’t use this at your events, you need to… it will make your business grow”

I am stunned by what Carolyn has done here. This is just spectacular!  This lady takes things that people find so complicated in learning and puts them into graphics and pictures and makes the learning so much easier, sink in, retain easier and then afterwards, makes it a lot easier to use. If you don’t use this at your events,  you need to use it. It will make the learning of your students so much more, and will make your business grow.
Colin Sprake
Make Your Mark Training

“I’m feeling so energized now – Carolyn is insightful, smart, compassionate and totally real!”

Absolutely fabulous and brilliant coaching session! I had been feeling stuck and overwhelmed in my business. I walked away not only with greater clarity about where I’m at and action steps I need to take for my business, but this super fun, colorful, creative poster that summarizes everything we covered – complete with diagrams, hearts and stars! So helpful for a visual person like myself. I’m feeling so pumped and energized now, woohoo! I highly recommend it if you’re feeling a bit stuck and in need of some guidance. Carolyn is not only creative, but insightful, smart, compassionate and totally real! Thanks Carolyn!
Katia Millar
Positive Fabulous Women
Engaging Events: Key Do’s And Dont’s To Make Your Next Meeting Have Lasting Impact

Engaging Events: Key Do's and Dont's to Make Your Next Meeting Have Lasting Impact

Have you ever been to a meeting where you were so bored your greatest creative stretch was figuring out how to yawn without someone noticing? Perhaps you found yourself the victim of "death by PowerPoint" at a large event, where one speaker after the other barraged you with information and after the first 2 or 3 you started to tune it all out? Or perhaps you've been in a training where there was so much…

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Your Core Values: 3 Lessons Learned From Zappos

Your Core Values: 3 Lessons Learned from Zappos

Core values are so critical. It’s quite expected for large companies to have mission statements, values, or promises developed because they really do lay the foundation for a healthy, thriving corporate culture and brand. Most solopreneurs and small business owners I know (myself included) do not. Having visited the mecca of cool, cutting edge corporate culture at Zappos in Las Vegas and experienced their culture in action, I’m definitely creating these as my business expands.…

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