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Women Entrepreneurs: Own The Difference You Make


Do you truly own the difference that you make or do you minimize your contributions? Do you struggle with taking compliments, credit, and appreciation for something that you’ve done?

In my experience, women can often be wonderful deflectors. It can feel uncomfortable for us to receive that kind of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Women, in general, don’t take enough time to celebrate our accomplishments because we’re always so busy about getting on to the next thing on the “to do” list. There’s a core belief underlying this minimizing behavior that tells us, “I’m not good enough.”

What that means for the woman entrepreneur is we may not have a fully realized sense of our self-worth. This can show up in our business in many ways, such as not following up effectively on leads, having sporadic or inconsistent marketing efforts, or procrastinating on making a great idea a reality.

The brilliant woman entrepreneur owns the difference she makes. She is tapped into her divine feminine power and allows that flow of wisdom and energy to guide her in business and in life. She receives compliments with grace. She is able to charge what she’s truly worth and as a result is able to attract the kinds of clients she wants to work with, and create a profitable and successful business as a result.

Being able to own the difference you make and the light you shine in the world is critical.



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As an internationally acclaimed business coach, author and media personality, Carolyn Ellis has helped thousands of women reclaim their financial future and radically transform their lives. Through her company, Brilliance Mastery, Carolyn has the privilege of helping brilliant women and conscious entrepreneurs reconstruct and realign their businesses in order to present their great work more clearly, powerfully and profitably to the world. You may recognize her easy-to-understand and holistic advice from regular appearances in The Globe and Mail, MacLean’s Magazine, Divorce Magazine, CITY-TV, CBC radio and TV, as she passionately works to bring forth strategies of personal, business and financial mastery to women all across the globe.

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