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Business Goals: 3 Keys to Make Powerful Course Corrections

  • Written by Carolyn Ellis
  • Posted Jul 18, 2013
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steeringNow that we are at the half-way mark of the year, let me ask you a blunt question today, namely:

How well are you meeting or exceeding your goals set forth at the beginning of the year?

Is your business exactly where you projected it would be by mid-year? Or when you take an honest look at things, do you find that you’ve somehow veered off course and wandered painfully far from your desired destination?

If you resonate with the latter, try to put your inner perfectionist to rest and don’t get too upset over it. The road to success hardly ever runs in a straight line and these things happen frequently in business and life.

Take for example the first mission to the moon. Did you know that the spaceship was off course over 90% of the time en route? Yet despite all of these errors and problems along the way, we celebrate the fact that the spaceship landed precisely at the targeted destination, just at the right time. In fact, the need to course correct along the way to adjust for different variables was built into the flight plan.

The same can still hold true with your business. You can be woefully off course today and still make or exceed all of your expectations by year end.

The key is making swift and honest course corrections now so you can get back on track tomorrow.

Course corrections don’t necessarily mean you have to scrap all of your plans for the year! In fact, you may find that the answer was as simple as making a few price adjustments or simplifying a process that was way more complicated than it needed to be. You just have to be flexible to identify what’s throwing you off and make tweaks accordingly.

Here are 3 key questions you can use to guide you to make any powerful and needed course corrections to ensure you have a brilliant and successful year:

  1. What is Working Brilliantly? Take an honest assessment and figure out what IS working well in your business. What efforts are bringing in the most money? What brings the most referrals or repeat business? Once you identify what’s working, start to think about how you can build upon your existing strengths to duplicate these results.
  2. What is Not Working So Brilliantly? It’s hard to admit that what we thought was a brilliant idea turned out to be a flop. It’s a blow to the ego and to the soul, especially when you’ve worked so hard to bring it to life. But to get back on track, you need to identify such things so you can either adjust your plan or scrap an approach that doesn’t seem to be working.
  3. What Brilliant Course Corrections Will You Take Now? Now it’s time to make course corrections based on your honest evaluation. Where can you make an adjustment that gets you better leverage and better results? Perhaps it’s time to spruce up that sales copy or block time off to connect with former clients. Maybe you need to delegate some tasks so you can get the job done right and done with better speed. Or maybe you need to conduct more market research to determine what potential clients really want from you. Small, consistent course corrections along the way can get you back on track quickly so you can cross the finish line this year in flying colors!


Block off 1 hour this week to do a mid-year review. Pull out the 2011 business goals you set as well as any New Year’s resolutions you made. Commit to being honest with yourself, not judgmental. As you review your plans, use the 3 questions set forth above. Once you’ve identified what needs to be corrected in your business, map out your new 6-month plan and take action.

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