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Graphic Recording

Great for when you need clear, engaging communication to make an idea or policy direction take root in your organization. As a graphic recorder, I capture the key elements and core messages in real-time on large-scale visual maps. Far more engaging, memorable and compelling than traditional and ubiquitous Powerpoint presentations, these visual artifacts help share the insights of the meeting, engage other stakeholders, foster ongoing dialogue and provide accountability for next steps. Now, you can quickly have everyone on the same page by placing them on the fast track to a resolution and understanding.

Have you ever participated in a key meeting, presentation or main stage speaker event, and at 3 pm totally forgot what the morning discussion was about? When you have a graphic recorder in the room that never happens!

At Brilliance Mastery, we believe better conversations leads to better relationships and greater engagement. With graphic recording, key concepts and issues are captured visually, in real-time, to create large scale visual maps that keeps the dialogue, reflection and interaction going even after the meeting is complete!


When to Use Graphic Recordings 

  • Planning and visioning retreats
  • Leadership retreats
  • Marketing/Branding/Identity/Positioning
  • Focus groups
  • Mediation or conflict management sessions
  • Brainstorming discussions
  • Change management and transition projects
  • Innovation retreats
  • Personal leadership and development
  • Belief change and breakthrough thinking

Getting the Most from Graphic Recordings 

Get the most out of your investment in graphic recording by using them after your meeting or event!

Here are some examples:

  • Shared with team or others who were not in attendance to spread the message
  • Used to enhance the organizations web presence
  • Used for social media channels to promote awareness
  • Displayed in conference rooms and lobbies for employees, visitors
  • Incorporated into annual reports, special event reports
  • Used to support execution and implementation
  • Can be used for donor or strategic partnership cultivation, recognition and stewardship
  • Promotional materials eg banners, flyers, incorporate into other visual presentations
  • Develop learning aids for onboarding and training
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