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Strategic Planning

Savvy strategic planning requires three elements: direction, participation, and execution. Too often strategic planning falls short because the direction comes from the top-down, employees don’t feel meaningfully engaged in the direction, and implementation isn’t thorough. Working visually is a game-changer in strategic planning. It builds meaningful buy-in from the outset and gets everyone “on the same page” using dynamic facilitation processes, powerful visual frameworks, templates, live graphic recording and more to initiate the necessary conversation and bring the plan to life.

Strategic planning may be a process most growing organizations do on an annual basis, but it often comes with mixed results.

At Brilliajourney visionnce Mastery, I help my clients get everyone literally “on the same page” and make your strategic planning process come to life. Working as your strategic visual partner, your organization can accelerate its results by ensuring direction, participation and execution of the plan are maximized.

I have trained extensively in Strategic Visioning and Team Performance with the Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based consultancy that pioneered the field of graphic facilitation about 40 years ago. I bring powerful visual frameworks developed and refined based on best practices and experience working in organizational change, 25 years experience working in the public and private sectors, and a graduate degree from Harvard University to my clients.

Using engaging facilitation methods, deep listening and offering a strategic and holistic perspective to my clients, I act like a modern-day cartographer. I help my clients create powerful and clarifying road maps as they seek to navigate change, engage their human capital, and achieve meaningful success.

Challenges of Traditional Strategic Planning 

  • It can be complex and confusing to create a clear vision of where your organization needs to go
  • Too often strategic plans are developed “top-down”, leaving those who need to execute it feeling like they don’t have a say
  • Without meaningful buy-in and engagement from the people who have to implement the plan, successful implementation suffers
  • Losing focus on the plan over time is costly in terms of focus, productivity, and money – and doesn’t help your organization achieve its vision

Advantages of Working Visually 

  • Helps identify priorities for the organization
  • Actively engages ALL members of the team in the discussion and development of the vision, which deepens engagement
  • Allows departments and teams to see the connections and interactions between divisions more readily
  • Creates consensus and build team as the visual representation of the discussion emerges
  • Generates visual artifacts of the discussion that can be used to share with others and become part of the communication strategy as the organization moves to implement the vision
  • Helps diffuse challenging interpersonal dynamics by providing a framework to constructively redirect discussion towards the common vision and goals
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