The ROI of Conversations:
How Better Conversations Make for Better Business

Actionable Conversations are 60-minute structured team discussions based on key insights from leading thinkers and best-selling authors who are experts in business, communications, sales, productivity and leadership development.

Actionable Conversations are proven to increase productivity, employee retention and team morale.

Highly customizable, these conversations can be selected to fit the unique needs of your team and organization. Drawing upon a suite of training tools that can be easily delivered by seasoned team leaders or up-and-coming high-potential individuals within your organization, Actionable Conversations offer a leadership and training model that fits the needs of the 21st century workplace.

In this complimentary, personal 90-minute session with no more than 8 participants, Actionable  consultant and visual facilitator, Carolyn Ellis, will introduce you the power of Actionable Conversations. You'll walk away with key insights for how your organization can equip itself to meet the competition and changing climate of business in which we now operate.

Who Is This Session For?

This unique "Meet-and-Learn" gathering is designed for busy professionals and business owners who work in organizations where you manage or work with other people.  You have a level of responsibility and authority in your organization, and you believe that human capital and potential is your most valuable asset.

People who would benefit most from this session are business leaders who are responsible for leading teams of all sizes, whether they be employees or volunteers, such as:

* Directors, managers and team leaders

* Human resource department decision-makers

* Executive Directors, Assistant Directors

* Business owners and service professional who want to foster a learning and team culture with their staff

                                                                  So Who Is Carolyn Ellis, Anyway?

I (Carolyn Ellis, that is!) am a visual facilitator, speaker and transformational leadership expert. Combining my deep intuitive abilities, my Harvard-trained brain and a life-long love affair with colourful markers, I help decision-makers, leaders and stakeholders literally "see what they mean" by creating graphically capturing discussion and decision-making in real time. My captivating large-scale visual murals, infographics and doodle notes enliven and anchor thinking and decision-making for my clients.

My professional career includes working as a senior policy advisor in the provincial government, serving as the director of development for two of Canada's top independent school, working on Wall Street and running my own business supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs world-wide.

A long-time student of leadership, transformation and brain science, I discovered that information alone never leads to lasting change. It is through taking action that we transform information into wisdom, and good ideas become realities. I now use my visual facilitation skills to help leaders and decision-makers set priorities, get new perspectives and build consensus for meaningful change and impact within their organizations.

When I met Chris Taylor, the founder of Actionable Books, I was seriously impressed. He built an international company that is helping its clients reach sustainable success through taking action and implementing cutting edge insights from world-renowned business leaders. I felt an immediate resonance with his mission and have joined forces with him by becoming an Actionable Consultant so I can offer these very complementary tools to my clientele.

This Looks Like a Really Useful Session, So Why Is It Free?

I am offering this in-person session as a way to let more people know about the power of Actionable Conversations and what I can do as an Actionable Consultant and visual facilitator to support you and your organization.

The training will be limited to no more than 8 participants, so everyone will have a lot of personal time and attention. If you're interested in one of the upcoming sessions,  I encourage you to take action and click the RSVP button. I will follow-up with you to book you in for a specific date and to ensure there is a seat just for you.

Truly, I know how valuable your time is. I see this introductory session as a way for us to get to know one another better professionally. The truth is I wanted to make it really easy for you to say "Yes!" to my invitation.

Here's the deal:

Ninety minutes of your time, some excellent content, experiential learning, the opportunity to network with some great people - plus some coffee and banana bread.

I hope that sounds like a good opportunity to you!

And you're right, these introductory sessions will not always be available for no charge :)

If you would like to join me, please indicate your interest by clicking the RSVP button below and I will follow-up with you personally to reserve your seat!