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3 Reasons Why Women Struggle to Charge What They Are Worth

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3 Reasons Why Women Struggle to Charge What They Are Worth

What’s up with women and money? Do you notice that women typically have a harder time asking for the business or raising their rates than men do? For a lot of women business owners I’ve worked with, talking about fees […]

4 Key Qualities for the New Business Model

It’s clear that “business as usual” practices of high pressure sales or fear tactics are over. In the aftermath of the global financial meltdown, it’s clear that trying to pull a fast one on customers, investors or voters just doesn’t […]

Selling From the Heart: A Checklist for Success

Selling your services can sometimes feel icky, particularly to heart-centered business owners. But when you let your own discomfort in marketing hold you back from getting yourself out there, your clients miss out on an important solution to a problem […]

The Courage to Be A Brilliant Entrepreneur

Do you realize how courageous you are to have chosen to walk the path of a brilliant entrepreneur? Well, you are! Here’s a short video blog I created for you that shares some of my thoughts and tips on how […]