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Jody Lundrigan


"The visuals generated a huge amount of sharing on social media during our event"

People were in love with the graphic recordings! Brilliance Mastery did an absolutely fantastic job of telling our story. I really appreciated how you were able to incorporate French into the visuals so seamlessly. The visuals generated a huge amount of sharing on social media during our event, and gave a great sense of fun and energy to the room. Most importantly, the visuals sparked great conversations among our delegates, and helped remind them of what they had heard and learned. It was a great element for our event and we still go back and refer to them!

Chris Taylor

Actionable Books

"Took a complex subject and turned it into an easy-to-follow piece that our consultants are using in the sales process"

It was a pleasure working with Carolyn on the visual representations of our programs and industry. Through a couple in person sessions and some follow up calls, she was able to take a complex and nuanced subject and turn it into an easy-to-follow 8.5" x 11" piece that our consultants are now using to aid them in the sales process. If it's true that a "picture says 1000 words", Carolyn not only makes a pretty picture, she helps you determine which 1000 words to say. No small feat, that. Highly recommend!

Bill Williams

The Art of Productions Inc.

“She's brilliant.. it's the best way to get your message across to your people!”

Carolyn Ellis is absolute amazing. At the two-day Art of Learning, she captured every one of Joey Coleman’s thoughts. Put it onto paper and everyone of our clients was so excited! I’ve never seen more people gather around to take pictures of Carolyn. They video taped her, they noticed all of the drawings, everything was just absolutely bang on! The name of her company is absolutely perfect, because she’s brilliant. Reach out to Carolyn and document your next meeting, your next conference. It’s the best way to get your message across to all of your people.

Nazish Asim

PwC Canada

"Carolyn is a great person to work with, blessed with a unique talent"

As a learning & development professional, I always look for innovative ideas to share content and information. Inspired by Carolyn's doodles and attending her workshop gave an opportunity to combine my interest in sketching and love for colors in my daily work. I have already started doodling be it summarizing traditional slides on a page, doing roadshows for strategic gatherings or taking daily meeting notes. Carolyn is a great person to work with and blessed with a unique talent which she is ready to share with anyone looking for innovation and creativity - so get ahead for a doodling fun time leaving long lasting impact on the audience.

Paul Binnendyk

Canadian Financial Services

"Ability to capture key content and discussion in a vibrant and engaging manner kept the material alive"

I had the privilege of watching Carolyn perform as she graphically recorded one of my training sessions with a mutual client. Her ability to capture key content ideas and discussion in such a vibrant and engaging manner kept the material alive after its presentation and allowed participants to browse and reflect on their own time, connecting the images on the wall to the “what’s next” in their own work.

Shawn Shepheard

Actionable Books

"Carolyn is the best I have ever seen in capturing the true spirit of your message in a unique, fun and memorable way!"

One of the biggest challenges I have as a speaker is creating a lasting impact with clients long after my presentation is over. Simply put Carolyn is the best I have ever seen in capturing the true spirit of your message in a unique, fun and memorable way. If you want to make a lasting impact with your clients and stand out from the crowd, look no further.

Teresa de Grosbois

Evolutionary Business Council

“Amazing graphic map..was really the highlight of the day”

We just had Carolyn Ellis do the most amazing graphic map of our Evolutionary Business Council retreat. It was really the highlight of the day. It got everyone talking and everybody reviewing. Look how amazing this looks! I can’t recommend this enough. Carolyn Ellis is so wonderful to work with. You just have to check this lady out!

Colin Sprake

Make Your Mark Training

“Spectacular! If you don’t use this at your events, you need to… it will make your business grow”

I am stunned by what Carolyn has done here. This is just spectacular!  This lady takes things that people find so complicated in learning and puts them into graphics and pictures and makes the learning so much easier, sink in, retain easier and then afterwards, makes it a lot easier to use. If you don’t use this at your events,  you need to use it. It will make the learning of your students so much more, and will make your business grow.  See video testimonial

Andrea Lee

Wealthy Thought Leader University

“I would recommend her highly indeed!”

Workshops are best when they are energized and full of clarity. Carolyn’s graphic note-taking for the Wealthy Thought Leader Coaching Salon helped us achieve that. In addition, our participants said they will retain their learnings better! With Carolyn’s cheery professionalism and value-add mentality, I would recommend her highly indeed!

Katia Millar

Positive Fabulous Women

“I’m feeling so energized now – Carolyn is insightful, smart, compassionate and totally real!”

Absolutely fabulous and brilliant coaching session! I had been feeling stuck and overwhelmed in my business. I walked away not only with greater clarity about where I’m at and action steps I need to take for my business, but this super fun, colorful, creative poster that summarizes everything we covered – complete with diagrams, hearts and stars! So helpful for a visual person like myself. I’m feeling so pumped and energized now, woohoo! I highly recommend it if you’re feeling a bit stuck and in need of some guidance. Carolyn is not only creative, but insightful, smart, compassionate and totally real! Thanks Carolyn!

Jim Cathcart

Cathcart Institute

"She captured my ideas better than any slideshow could"

Imagine if you gave a speech and your visuals were magically created on the spot in fun graphics that make you want to keep your notes long after the speech. That is what Carolyn Ellis did for me. She captured my ideas better than any slideshow could and displayed them so well that I had them transferred to canvas and hung them in my office for keeps. Call her today!

Susan Gregory

"Carolyn's ability to get the big picture, capture key details and present it in such a clear and fun way is impressive!"

Carolyn recently created a large-scale doodle of my talk on "Making innovative thinking a daily habit" at the Verity Business Network. I was very excited to work with Carolyn. The visual recording added a dynamic, creative and fresh aspect to the event that helped reinforce my topic for the audience. Carolyn's ability to get the big picture, capture key details and present it in such a clear and fun way is impressive. Not only did it add to the event, it also gave me a great picture that I can use when promoting my talk in future. I am intrigued by the way this process helps get everyone on the same page. I can see how this could help me facilitate workshops in future, so I've signed up for Carolyn's upcoming Learn to Doodle workshop. Can't wait to learn more!

Todd Attridge

"I highly recommend Carolyn to leverage your own facilitation needs!"

Carolyn is a valuable member of Actionable Books but is also a wildly talented Visual Facilitator. I had the pleasure of being in a meeting whereby she captured the meeting points beautifully in graphic form. It's incredible how much deeper the learning can be when it's in a story-book format and I highly recommend people reach out to Carolyn and leverage her for your own facilitation needs.